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Prevention is better than cure

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Prevention is better than cure – that’s a phrase we hear a lot, don’t we? It’s a good mantra to follow in order to lead healthier lives where illness, hopefully, doesn’t hold us back!

We all know that to lead a healthier life we should exercise often, drink plenty of water and ensure we eat a balanced and nutritious diet. In doing so we can aim to be stronger, fitter and healthier.

Oral health

But what about our oral health? Is there anything we can do to prevent dental problems from happening, and what impact does this really have? The first thing you can do is attend your dental check-ups as often as your dentist recommends. For most people, this will be every six months. The reason for this is because it allows your dental team to spot any potential problems nice and early, before they become anything more serious.

The same goes for hygiene appointments! Not only are these vital for removing the build up of plaque,it also allows your hygienist to check the health of your gums. In addition, you will also benefit from bespoke cleaning advice based on your own dental health, as your hygienist can point out any areas that may require extra attention. This allows you to perfect your home care routine, allowing for better cleaning that can mean less treatment is required in the future.

Saving money

Finding problems early means we can spot them before things escalate, and just like any health concern, this always offers the chance of a good outcome. We’d rather treat a small crack with a filling than discover it later when it has decayed the tooth to the point where the only option is removal – we’re sure you would, too! Treating smaller problems is also more cost effective, so while it might seem pricey to attend your check-ups, you are making long-term savings for both your health and your pocket.

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