Prof Fadi Jarad


Mrs B was experiencing a slight discomfort and abscess from the upper right first molar (UR6) for over six months. Following clinical and radiographic examination, a diagnosis of a chronic periapical (around the root) abscess was made.

The treatment options of extraction versus root canal treatment with an investigation of the tooth for any cracks under the microscope were discussed. The predicted survival of root canal treatment is relatively high at around 80-90% over 10 years.

Once the root was obturated (filled) an indirect restoration (crown) was needed to help maintain the tooth in function and ensure the tooth remained asymptomatic with good coronal seal. The current evidence indicates that the outcome of Endodontic treatment is affected by the coronal seal.

The key to successful Endodontics is full consideration of the patient and an in depth understanding that Endodontics is not just about with white lines and dark shadows.

UR6 with apical pathology, curved root & deep filling

Master Cone radiograph

Radiograph of UR6 root canal filling and core

Composite Core

Occlusal view of UR6 crown preparation

Buccal view of UR6 crown preparation

Imprint4 fast Putty

Protemp 4 crown before trimming

Protemp 4 temporary crown

Occlusal view of UR6 with temporary crown

Imprint 4 heavy body and light body of the UR6 preparation

Impression with Position  Penta of the lower arch

Trimmed and section model

Lave Aesthetic Crown UR6 on plaster model

Lava Aesthetic with sandblasted fitting surface

Occlusal view of the UR6 Lava aesthetics crown

Buccal view of the UR6 crown

Periapical radiograph of the UR6 crown marginal fit

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