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Private Fee Guide

                        Routine care

  Prices from:

New patient Consultation                   £95

Routine examination                             £55

Emergency appointment                     £70

Hygienist appointment                         £63

Direct access hygiene appointment  £86

Air abrasion                                              £66

Fissure Sealant                                        £45

Composite Fillings                                  £175

Tooth Whitening                                   £320

Mouth Guard                                           £90


                       Specialist services



                                                                     Prices from:

Endodontic consultation                    £ 95

Root canal treatment                           £756

Re-root canal treatment                     £877

Endodontic Surgery                              £1000



                                                                     Prices from:

Specialist prosthodontic consult.      £145

Crowns, Onlays and Veneers             £756

Bridges                                                      £1500

Partial Denture                                     £369

Dentures (upper or lower)                  £968

Full set of dentures                             £1936



Specialist consultation                       £145


Dental Implants   

                                                         Prices from:           

Consultation                                       £95

Single unit implant                             £2500

Implant retained denture                £5700

Implant retained 3-unit Bridge       £5940

Implants Full Arch                             £14500


Specialist Periodontics

                                                                     Prices from:

Consultation                                      £185

Periodontal treatment                      £1050

Periodontal surgery                           £1000

Crown lengthening surgery             £600


Paediatric Dentistry

                                                                     Prices from:

Treatment (per hour)                       £430

Specialist Paediatric consult.          £185


Oral Surgery

     Prices from:

Simple extraction                               £109

Complex extraction                            £168

Surgical extraction                             £335

Socket preservation                         £291


Sedation with consultant Anaesthetist

IV sedation (per hour)                     £250

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