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Treating tooth decay with high-tech white fillings in Heswall

At The Sandstone Dental Practice, we are an amalgam-free practice and only use aesthetic white fillings, or composites, to treat dental decay, injury, tooth wear and malformation. Using the latest bonding technology, white fillings are created from a tooth-coloured, putty-like resin that can be moulded to fit your tooth exactly – involving considerably less drilling than you would experience with an amalgam filling. The result is natural-looking.


What are the advantages of white fillings over metal ones?

White fillings have the major advantage of being tooth-coloured, so your filling isn’t noticeable inside your mouth. They’re made of a material that’s mouldable and bonds to your tooth, which means less drilling is required, and less of the tooth needs to be removed to place the filling.

Will it hurt to get a filling?

Not at all. Fillings are carried out under a local anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing during treatment. If you are at all nervous about having an injection, do let us know so that we can gently help you through the procedure – we have a number of tried and tested techniques at our disposal and lots of experience helping nervous patients.

What happens after a filling treatment?

Some patients can experience extra sensitivity for up to three weeks after the treatment, which gradually subsides. For most, though, a filling treatment is very straightforward. The anaesthetic wears off after 1-3 hours and after that you should be able to return to normal activity. Children must be observed until the anaesthesia has completely worn off.

How long will my filling last?

White fillings have an average lifespan of around seven years – and potentially longer if you follow a robust oral hygiene routine at home.

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