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Did you know that gum disease and tooth decay – the main causes of tooth loss – are entirely preventable? When you put preventive measures in place, in partnership with your dentist and hygienist, you’re not only setting yourself up for a lifelong healthy smile, but saving yourself a lot of money on treatment, too. Here are the key things you need to do to stop dental problems in their tracks.

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Conquer your fear

Avoidance of the dentist is one of the main reasons gum disease and tooth decay get out of control. If you are nervous about visiting the dentist, perhaps because you’ve had a bad past experience, at the Sandstone Dental Practice we promise that the hardest thing you’ll need to do is pick up the phone to call us. We are very experienced at helping nervous patients and have a range of proven techniques at our disposal. Come and see us and find out just how gentle dentistry can be!

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Spread the love

Busy family life makes it easy to forget to bring your children in to see us. But research shows that bringing children early and often to the dentist establishes fun and positive associations that stay with them as they grow up – so they are far less likely to avoid the dentist as adults, or require invasive dental treatment for tooth decay and gum disease. We urge parents to bring babies in to see us as soon as those milk teeth appear, or by the age of one regardless.

Eat well

A healthy diet isn’t just good for maintaining a healthy body – it’s essential for healthy teeth and gums, too. As well as avoiding the obvious things – sugary, acidic foods and drinks – it’s vital that you consume a balanced diet that combines protein, carbohydrates and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Your hygienist at the Sandstone Dental Practice is qualified to provide advice on healthy eating, and you can get sugar-smart too with the Change4life app.

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Clean Well

Follow a robust oral hygiene routine at home and you may never have to face the dental drill. Brush for two minutes, twice a day and clean in between your teeth daily – our hygienist will recommend the best products, tailored for you. It is also advisable to have your teeth assessed and cleaned professionally by the hygienist twice a year. The hygienist can reach areas of your teeth and gums that brushing often misses, as well as remove stains caused by dark foods and drinks, or smoking.

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Look after yourself

Not many people realise that smoking is bad for teeth and gums – but it’s the number-one cause of oral cancer, and massively increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Many smokers don’t realise the effect their habit has on their oral health because smoking limits blood flow – so gums don’t bleed and reveal that early indicator of disease. Alcohol is also something your dentist will ask you to limit – it is highly acidic, attacking tooth enamel and causing staining. Combining smoking and alcohol puts you at an extremely high risk of oral cancer, too. See your hygienist for help with stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake.

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Schedule your check-ups and Hygeine Visits

The more often you see a dental professional, the more likely you are to enjoy great oral health – regular visits mean that we can spot problems before they get out of hand, and eliminate them with minimally invasive and cost-effective treatment. At the Sandstone Dental Practice, our membership takes the hassle out of dental check-ups, spreading the cost of your treatment across the year and offering lots of extra benefits that help prevent dental problems.