The Sandstone Dental Practice

Crowns & Bridges

Custom-made dental restorations in The Wirral, combining optimum function and aesthetics

Whether you’ve had a root canal, an injury, or are suffering with extensive tooth decay, crowns and bridges provide a strengthening solution that is also a cosmetic enhancement. Created using your dental impressions, crowns are custom-created to cap your existing tooth, match its shade and saving it from being extracted. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge provides an ideal aesthetic solution, comprising a prosthetic tooth or teeth to bridge your gap, secured at each end by crowns.

Specialist restorative dentistry in Merseyside

At The Sandstone Dental Practice, our team includes a Professor and specialist in restorative dentistry, so you can feel confident that your crown or bridge procedure will be carried out to the highest standard, creating the exact result you want for your smile.


A crown is a single-tooth restoration that caps your existing tooth. A bridge replaces one or more adjacent missing teeth with a prosthetic that literally bridges the gap, held in place at each end by a crown.

Traditional crowns, bridges and partial dentures have to be made in a dental lab. This will require you visit us for dental impressions so that an accurate restoration can be tailor-made to create the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. You will be involved in the process from start to finish and the lab will create a restoration that meets you and your dentist’s requirements in terms of shape and shade.

Before your custom restoration is made at the lab, your dentist will prepare your tooth by filing it down into a smooth shape that correctly accommodates the restoration. Dental impressions will then be made and sent to the lab where your restoration will be made. When it is ready, you’ll return to the dentist to have your crown or bridge cemented in place.

With good oral hygiene, maintenance and regular dental check-ups, your restoration could last upwards of 15 years.