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We receive many dental referrals in the field of oral surgery and regularly carry out the following:

High quality oral surgery in Merseyside, The Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales

No one relishes the idea of oral surgery, but at The Sandstone Dental Practice our special interest in this field of dentistry ensures that any procedure will be carried out with your optimal health and wellbeing in mind. We take our time to make your experience as pain-free and pleasant as possible. As well as offering advanced dental implants and root canal treatment, our highly experienced dentists regularly carry out tooth removals and other surgical procedures, and guarantee the best possible standard of care.

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You won’t need your wisdom teeth out unless they are causing problems or have signs of tooth decay. But because wisdom teeth (the four teeth – two top, two bottom – at the very back of the mouth that only appear when we are in our late teens or twenties) come through at such a late stage in life, when all other adult teeth have long since formed, impaction is a really common problem. This is when the wisdom teeth press against existing teeth, grow in at an angle and get stuck. In cases where this causes pain, swelling and infection, it is likely you’ll need your dentist to remove your wisdom teeth.

If a wisdom tooth has erupted above the gum line, you’ll often require a simple extraction – a straightforward procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. Wisdom teeth that are stuck, broken, or which haven’t emerged above the gum line will require a complex extraction by an oral surgeon.

No. The Sandstone Dental Practice has a reputation for successful treatment of complex cases. Extractions are always carried out under local anaesthetic, with IV sedation At the Sandstone Dental Practice we pride ourselves on being able to carry out even complex oral surgical procedures in a pain free and relaxed way. We are experienced in techniques to help reduce any anxiety you may feel and also offer the option of IV sedation.

Levels of post-operative discomfort and swelling varies from procedure to procedure. You may need to take a day or two off work to get used to managing the inevitable swelling and low-level pain that occurs after surgery, as well as cleaning the affected area. We will provide you with a comprehensive after-care plan, and monitor your recovery in the weeks after surgery.