The Sandstone Dental Practice


Routine dental care in Merseyside and The Wirral

Regular dental check-ups are proven to be key in preventing tooth loss and health problems. When carried out around twice a year, a dental examination gives your dentist the opportunity to identify (sometimes using x-rays) any underlying problems that may be problematic in the future. In this way, minor treatment can be carried out to correct a problem before it becomes more difficult to treat. This is not only beneficial in terms of convenience, but also cost-effective. We firmly believe prevention is better than cure.

Research increasingly points to a proven connection between oral health and general health. Because regular dental check-ups play an important role in preventing dental problems, they can also be considered to be crucial to reducing the risk of chronic health conditions connected with poor oral health – including heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and Type 2 diabetes, to name a few.

What happens at your Dental Check-Up?

A general check-up with Sandstone Dental Practice will usually include the following: