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Specialist gum disease treatment in Merseyside

Periodontics is the area of dentistry concerned primarily with treating periodontitis, or gum disease. At The Sandstone Dental Practice, we offer specialist periodontal care, working closely with our hygienists so that, together, we can educate patients on the homecare regime practices that stop gum disease in its tracks.

When disease causes the mouth to become unhealthy, for whatever reason, it can be a distressing experience. Periodontal treatment and routine dental care can restore your whole mouth to full health, as well as helping to solve problems associated with sore gums and loose teeth.

Specialist gum disease prevention in Heswall and The Wirral

If you have gingivitis (early-stage gum disease), your dentist or hygienist will ensure that you are cleaning your teeth gently and thoroughly. Your home care regime is absolutely key to preventing progression of this “silent disease” In the surgery, we can support your home care by gently polishing the teeth with an abrasive paste and a special instrument called a scaler. If gingivitis has developed into periodontitis, which is more serious, you may need more extensive treatment to remove hard deposits in harder to reach areas, under the gums. We will carefully monitor your progress during treatment and beyond to make sure treatment has been successful and the periodontitis is under control.