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Sandstone Dental Practice Case Study – Susan

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About Susan

Susan was referred to us by her own dentist for a specialist opinion and treatment of her complex dental problems. She had been waiting for NHS treatment for some time with no signs of any immediate appointments being available.

She suffers from anxiety in all aspects of her life but found our team welcoming, understanding and friendly. She says she settled into the appointments thanks to a relaxed atmosphere and a team with a good sense of humour, which helped. 

A few laughs really can do you good. 

Once in the chair, we discovered Susan’s teeth were eroding badly, so she didn’t like showing them.  She was given different options with different budgets, which meant she could choose the best one for her, which was great. 

Susan’s Journey

Professor Fadi Jarad took over Susan’s complex dental care when she saw us at Sandstone Dental. He found that she had suffered from a collapsed bite for a long time due to her severe tooth wear and broken down teeth.

She was struggling not only with eating but, more importantly, with her smile and appearance.

These struggles had added to Susan’s anxiety, and she felt that access to specialist dental care might not be possible.

The dental issues presented were not amenable to general dental practice care; for example, her teeth were too small for simple fillings to bring back her smile and would continue to break down.

On the other hand, losing her teeth and wearing a complete denture to replace all her teeth would increase her anxiety.

One of the main challenges was to ensure that during every stage and appointment, Susan left the practice with a similar or better smile than she came in with.

Despite her anxiousness, Susan embraced her journey to rectify her dental problems. She was engaging in the first stage of care, where we used mock-ups to mutually agree on the best treatment plan, of which we had several options initially.

A Team Effort

Susan attended a multi-disciplinary team consultation with experts in restorative dentistry (Prof Jarad) and oral surgery (Mr Williams) to consider the definitive stage.

We presented an implant solution that would mean she would lose her remaining teeth or a plan to preserve her teeth and build on her existing teeth foundation.

Despite the complex nature of her dental procedures, she navigated through them with the Sandstone team’s support. She chose a suitable solution to maintain her teeth and rebuild her smile.

Moores Dental Studio Lab played a pivotal role in delivering her treatment. Mark, Gareth, and the team there worked with us to provide mock-up templates that we can work from to give her new crowns and a prosthesis that rebuilds her smile and teeth back to function.

They used both conventional bespoke methods alongside the modern digital workflow to deliver a high standard of dental work.

Suffering from severe tooth wear is challenging for any patient.

Despite our extensive experience in dealing with similar cases to Susan’s, the care for these cases can only be possible with a team of experts and a responsive team that can adapt the treatment to suit individual patients’ needs.

The Outcome

Susan says she is amazed and delighted with the results and looks forward to addressing the bottom teeth soon.

When she came to us, she hated smiling in photos – but not anymore!