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Are you scared of the dentist?

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If you’re scared of the dentist, you’re not alone. From mild concern to overwhelming phobia, more than half of the UK population admit to feeling some level of worry around dental appointments, and often for very different reasons.

Some people are scared of pain, others worry about being ‘told off’ for not attending regular dental check-ups, others have had bad experience with the dentist as a child, and some just hate it full stop!

Certified dental phobia professionals

Here at the Sandstone Dental Practice, we treat a huge variety of patients, all with differing dental needs and concerns. Some are extremely nervous while others breeze in and out without a care. Because every patient is different, we always take a personalised approach to patient care.

As part of that, our team has worked hard to become certified dental phobia professionals, which means we can use a variety of tried and tested techniques to help. It’s just part of what we do.

What can you do about dental fear?

We always encourage you to tell us any fears you may have about visiting the dentist. Once we know about your worries we can begin to put the right steps in place, even before you arrive if necessary. We’re available via our website, phone, email, Facebook and Instagram, so you can chat to us however you feel most comfortable.

We can give you lots of advice about things you can do to overcome your anxieties, which may include visiting us to have a look around prior to booking your first check-up; we believe that feeling familiar in your surroundings can really help. We also encourage you to write a list of your worries so that we can discuss them and create strategies together that will work for you.

Why not start by getting in touch, you’ll find that we’ve helped other patients just like you to overcome their worries and fears, together we can make 2020 the year that you are no longer afraid!